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Considering some YouTube commerical examples…

September 29, 2011

Below are two of the commercials I chose for this project:

I already knew what commercial I wanted the second I got into this project — it’s the one on top. Without using any spoken word, this commercial says a TON. The use of the graphics combined with the message, and the way it goes up this “tower” is incredibly interesting to me. It’s couldn’t be better for this type of project.

The Dos Equis commercial is funny, but it uses a lot of great lines to get the point across to exactly how interesting the Most Interesting Man in the World is. It’s fantastic.


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  1. I think it’s good that you already had a commercial in mind but it might be hard for you to break down the style because there are no written words. you’ll really have to dig into it to find examples of tropes and whatnot, but you can for sure classify into the different levels of style. good luck!

  2. The only comment I have is how do you analyze a commercial with no spoken words. It would seem like it would be harder to bring out more of the figurative language. Yes there are other things going on but is it enough.

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