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What the Others are Saying…

October 27, 2011

I checked out Maxine’s blog, where she was discussing the topic of “overwriting”, which she found in Strunk and White. Maxine says, ” Often time when I am trying to get a point across I repeat what I said just in a different manner or I tend to give too much information at one time.”

I think this can be true of my writing, as well. It comes out when I’m not overly educated on a topic. I will sometimes use it — I’ve probably used it in this class — when I don’t feel comfortable expanding on a topic. I saw it in some of my peer reviews, too.

I also like the advice she mentions when going back and re-reading work to eliminate unnecessary words. This is a great topic when you’re aiming for conciseness, but not when you’re trying to hit a word count. That is, if you’re out of topics to discuss. Overall, though, I felt that going back to re-read does make the writing flow better and eliminate any sources of confusion.

At the “Kassopia26” blog, I looked over her Strunk and White first impressions section. There, I saw a note about putting emphatic words at the end. While I didn’t discuss this in my posts, I think that this does make for better reading and put more “umph” in the sentence.

I do think that it could be difficult to restructure every sentence this way, though I don’t think it’s necessary. If a paper is lacking having the emphatic words at the end, it would be wise to restructure some of the sentences this way, but in my opinion, the writer should pick and choose the spots.

Overall, it was interesting to see what other classmates had to say about the readings. It did, in fact, make me wonder about my own style — the aforementioned re-reading part the most — and I will apply what they think to my own.


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