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Peer Review 3

November 8, 2011

For this round of peer review, I didn’t think it was as productive from an idea standpoint as the others. And that’s nothing against the reviewers, it’s just how the project went. Everyone’s ideas for this are similar because they’re pulled from the same text. So most people will have similar things to talk about, just tweaked based on their direction.

It was helpful because the more eyes on your paper the better from a grammatical standpoint. Everyone will miss a period or a comma, and it’s nice to have people find those types of things in your paper. Overall, I got what I wanted out of it — a couple people finding my mistakes and pointing them out.

Since no one has written anything like this, no one really has any experience “grading” something like this for content, so I think most reviewers would be more apprehensive about making content changes. That’s mostly because the “styles” we chose were almost verbatim from Strunk and White or Williams.

From my other reviews from past assignments, the trend has been that I don’t elaborate enough. I suppose that’s true, but in my eyes, I think I did a good job of explaining. But I’m sure someone has done a way better job than me, making it appear I didn’t explain enough.

I also think that I don’t explain enough because I don’t like being wordy. I think meeting word limits can sometimes lead to bullshitting, which isn’t good writing or good analysis. So it’s probably my own fault for not elaborating enough with my past assignments, but sometimes I think explaining too much waters down the original points.


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