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Looking forward, looking back…

November 17, 2011

Looking back on the ancient styles and the like from the earlier parts of the semester, it’s not that difficult to find correlations between the movie we’re currently working on and some of the ancient styles we read.

When reading about the Ancient Greeks styles, they talked about things like clarity, which can be found in just about every style guide we look at. Even some of those “off-the-wall” style guides, about vampires most notably, made us look at different aspects of writing and how they relate to real life.

Creating out own writing technology had us relate letters, words, and writing in general to the world around us. No matter what we looked at, it relates to what we’re currently working on in that we’re applying our style to a practical real-life situation.

Our video is going to be about commonly misused phrases. Many of the phrases I hear all the time, and while I noticed, I never applied that to any sort of style. But people have been applying things like that to styles throughout generations. As long as there is writing, there will be commonly misused words and phrases.

I don’t see a ton of correlation between how we analyzed the YouTube commercials only because we’re not making a YouTube commercial. Yes, we’re making a video to post on the site, but it’s not a commercial with any underlying styles or anything to really analyze from that standpoint.

We’re simply producing an instructional video regarding commonly misused words and phrases to show our viewers when to properly use some of these terms. From an analysis standpoint, it’s pretty cut-and-dry.

Overall, though, some of the things we looked at in past readings helped us formulate our ideas. When we were discussing, we were thinking about what aspect of style we should use. Had we not utilized Ong and Barron and Manguel, we wouldn’t have had so many diverse ideas.


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